Brewberrys franchise

Standard Café Franchisee

Standard Café is moderate & most successful format of ours till date. It is a clichéd café format requiring 500 to 1000 sqft of space in order to provide good amount of seating space to our guests. Preferred location is a Mall or High Streets offering maximum visibility to the outlet per se. The key for sustainability is that the rentals should be in accordance with the Sales. The menu prices are standard; the store offers the complete package of Brewberrys CAFE features to the guests.

Advantages of owning

  • Elegant and Premium Designed café with a local touch/need.
  • Experience being the Entrepreneur, while getting the needed support from us.
  • A team of trained coffee professionals to establish and develop the business successfully.
  • Growth oriented transparent work policies.
  • Be a part of a fast growing brand and contribute to the development.
  • Continuous help from our skilled operational work force as well our creative marketing team.

Container Café Franchisee

Want to open up a café? But, don’t want to invest A LOT! Want to open up a café but not sure if ready to Invest in Real Estate as of now! Guess we have a Perfect Solution for it! Brewberrys Presents a new one its kind and first in India Café model.
The Design is aesthetically pleasing and functionally great! The size of the container is customizable to fit to the need. It doesn’t not require permanent fixtures. The best part if you think the café can work better in another location, just Close it and LIFT it and SHIFT it. Space requirement ranges from 80-140 sq ft, for the Basic Container Café.

Advantages of Lift & Shift Container Cafe

  • Low Initial Investment compared to a café.
  • Design that suits the need of the ultimate aim.
  • Minimal requirement of space.
  • No permanent fixtures required.
  • Can be easily lifted and shifted to any place.
  • The menu is of a adaptable kind to offer a good variety of options in Food & Beverage.
  • Continuous Support from the experts, right from design to training
  • Experience of being an entrepreneur.
  • Uninterrupted help from the operations to the creative marketing team to help and develop your business.

Why Café Franchisee